King's Hawford

25 March

Musicians Impress at Informal Concert

Informal concert, 24th March, 2022

The audience was treated to a wonderful display of musical talent from our mini musicians in the March informal concert.

The opening number featured our delightful beginner Year 1 and 2 violinists, performing for the very first time the Open Strings Tune, lead by their teacher, Jane Allen Griffiths. It is wonderful for them to gain some performance experience in an ensemble, learning concert etiquette, including how to take a bow.

This was followed by Gabriel’s first performance on the piano and he could not have looked more proud! It is a momentous achievement to get your first concert under your belt, and it’s good to start young.

Next, James and Oscar fluently performed the German Dance as a trombone and trumpet duet, followed by a solo, This Old Man by James, with a funky backing track. There were more exciting firsts, with Amelie and Ellie performing violin solos and Chloe performing Shine on the piano. Oliver treated us to a performance of one of his Initial Grade violin pieces, with the tasty title Fishcakes and Apple Pie.

Ellie’s rhythmic violin performance of Cowboys and Indians preceded Emily playing a traditional American Shaker Melody on her flute. Rory then demonstrated his skills on the electric guitar, giving his exciting rendition of the James Bond Theme. Khaleefah’s performance of Lewis Capaldi’s Someone You Loved on the piano showcased a song he had taught himself. Edward‘s sublime rendition of Memories of Summer on the guitar brought a real sense of calm before Nico altered the mood with a second cool and jazzy version of the James Bond Theme on his trumpet. Bringing the concert to a close, Edith performed a lively, stylish and uplifting Gavotte on her ‘cello, followed by Michelle’s piano wizardry in a Chinese piano piece called Selling Sundry Goods.

This was a fantastic concert all round and we look forward to hearing more performances in our May informal concert. Well done to all of our musicians. Keep up the great work everyone, and try to maintain your fantastic practice ethic during the Easter holidays!

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