King's St Alban's

7 October

New School Council launches

Wednesday saw the exciting launch of the newly formed King’s St Alban’s School Council. Representatives from each form group has been chosen to represent their class. Everyone arrived with ideas about how we can improve playtimes, along with future ideas for the School Council to discuss.

Mrs Kilbey explained that the school councillors have been chosen to represent the views of the fellow year group peers and would need to think carefully about doing that honestly, rather than just presenting their own view point.

The Year 3 team were represented brilliantly by Tom B and Florence S and the pair explained how more hula hoops and balls would help them have fun at playtimes. Barnaby and Izzy from Year 4 spoke very clearly and confidently about the need for more tennis balls, skipping ropes and full sets of cricket stumps.

Year 5 representatives, Tommy, Ollie K-D and Mia G came up with some very balanced view points and suggested marking out hockey/cricket zones in the play areas. Melissa, Heidi and Willoughby discussed the benefits of rotating the play areas so that all year groups are able to enjoy the different play spaces available.

It was agreed that the idea of play equipment monitors from each year group would help keep the equipment more organised and encourage children to look after it. It seems we can never have enough tennis balls, rugby balls, netballs or hockey sticks!

It was a calm and mature School Council meeting and Mrs Kilbey was very proud that all those involved were friendly, respectful towards others and shared many valuable ideas and solutions. The meeting concluded with some helpful suggestions of discussion topics for future meetings: recycling and wet play ideas will be next on the agenda!

Melissa D, in Year 6, said: “It was good fun and I think we all came up with some good new ideas about playtime. We’re looking forward to the next meeting.”

The school councillors will now feed back to their classes about the prospect of some new play equipment arriving after half term and how we can play safely.