King's Hawford

25 May

No slowing down in Year 2…

There is no slowing down in Year 2 as we approach the half-term break!

In English, the pupils have been enthusiastically delving into Dick King-Smith’s, Hodgeheg before focusing on writing dialogue and using fronted adverbials in their own writing. It is clear that our pupils have some fabulous imaginations to go with their exceptional English skills.

Tick, tock goes the clock! After finishing off their work on directional language and movement, the Year 2 pupils have jumped onto a new topic, learning all about time!

Breaking out of the classroom and into the great outdoors, pupils paired up and navigated their way around the school using a map to find images of landmarks. Upon finding a host of different landmarks, the pupils eagerly wrote the name of the landmark before using directional language to describe where they found it on a sheet. Staying outside, Year 2 enjoyed an afternoon of Forest School. They practised their knife skills, whittling sticks of hazel and cedar they had collected from the woods to create hedgehogs.

On Wednesday, Year 2 were overjoyed to welcome their parents and families for their class assembly, which took place in The Barn. After sharing their knowledge and understanding of hedgehogs, the year group burst into song, singing Hedgehog Hero at the top of their voices. The audience was particularly impressed that the children were able to use their British Sign Language skills to sign the entire song too! After the assembly, pupils wowed their parents with a book look.

In science, the children had great fun identifying the differing adaptations of animals and plants – I am sure we have some budding scientists in our midst too!

On Friday a small group of pupils were treated to trip out on the katacanoes. They were extremely enthusiastic as they bounced down to our boat launch. Taking out the katacanoes, the children learnt how to steer the boat and move in different directions, making quarter and half turns. The children loved swapping position in the boat (without falling in!) so that everyone had the opportunity to learn how to steer independently.

What a busy week – Year 2 have most certainly earnt a well-deserved rest over half term.