King's St Alban's

4 March

Pre-Prep dive into ‘Be a Bookworm’ week.

Pre- Prep have loved ‘Be a Bookworm Week!’ We always promote reading and a love of books, so this special week is a great chance to refocus on all things reading. The children brought in their favourite books from home on Monday to kick start the week. We had a range of fiction and non-fiction texts and there were even some new books for the teachers to enjoy! The children enjoyed sharing their books with their friends and on Tuesday, Year 2 chose a story to read to the Nursery children. It was a fantastic opportunity for Year 2 to practice their story telling skills and the Nursery children felt very important climbing the stairs to meet their reading partners. Year 1 have enjoyed a book scavenger hunt and have made story spoons to represent their favourite books. Reception have chosen a different story each day to base their learning around. On Wednesday they read the sequel to the ‘Three Little Pigs’ (who knew!) and were inspired to spend the afternoon creating their own aeroplanes out of the junk modelling kit.

The Pre-Prep children have also submitted a range of eventful photos of them reading in unusual places- including the toilet and on top of a JCB! They listened beautifully when Mr Chapman visited to read one of his favourite stories about a runaway pancake and they even completed an emoji quiz to guess the clues for famous children’s stories. They were quicker than their teachers!

Whilst we always enjoy stories and reading in Pre-Prep, it is lovely to spend a whole week immersed in books and thinking about how important reading is. We are lucky to have our own dedicated Pre-Prep library and the children bring weekly books home that they have chosen themselves. Books are great!