King's St Alban's

18 March

Pre-Prep Rumble in the Jungle!

Thursday morning started in the best possible way with a Pre-Prep class assembly. This time it was the turn of the Year 1 children. The Pre-Prep hall was buzzing, full of parents who were excited as this was the first class assembly Year 1 had performed due to COVID.

The assembly was based around their topic of ‘Rumble in the Jungle‘ and incorporated almost every subject! The class entered the hall wearing masks of their favourite animals whilst wiggling and jiggling, opening the assembly with a fantastic dance! The audience, which also included our Reception children, then learned about grouping animals and their characteristics, the different diets of animals and humans and where they lived. The children all spoke very clearly and confidently and it was obvious to the audience that they had all worked extremely hard to learn their lines.

The children then proudly shared their art work, which was based around the famous Henri Rousseau tiger painting, and some children showed their favourite animal stories. In their English lessons, the children had been learning about verbs and poetry. The children shared their animal riddles with us and were much quicker to guess the answers than the grown ups! They finished the assembly with a song about animals, which was sung and danced enthusiastically by all.

It was a super assembly and we are very proud of the whole class. We are already looking forward to to the Year 2 French assembly next week too!