King's St Alban's

13 September

PSHE programme embraced by King’s St Alban’s pupils.

King’s St Alban’s offers pupils across the school a comprehensive and varied PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economics) programme. A valuable element of the total curriculum, our PSHE programme aims to equip all pupils with the knowledge and skills to lead confident, healthy and happy lives. Sessions, taking place on a weekly basis, provide a deeper understanding of the wider world and the children’s place within it.

Returning to the classroom last week, it was wonderful to witness all Prep School pupils and staff engaged in interactive PSHE lessons. With each year group covering different areas of the curriculum, Year 4 leapt straight into the academic year by exploring the importance of self-respect and moving out of their comfort zones before noting great things about each other. It was fantastic to see pupils not only thinking positively about themselves but also being so delightfully positive about their friends.

Year 5 focussed on the idea of what makes a community and discovering to how many different communities they all belong, which culminated in a particularly complicated Venn diagram on the playground! Pupils also discussed Rights and Responsibilities and how these are interlinked before developing some fantastic ideas for Class Charters. The session concluded with a dialogue amongst pupils about the Rights of Children, thinking particularly about refugees and children in poorer countries around the world.

Meanwhile, the Year 6 cohort came together to find out about different types of drugs. Importantly, they came to understand that drugs aren’t necessarily illegal, but something that may be encountered in everyday life, for example a can of Coke or a dose of Calpol. Staff were particularly impressed by pupil maturity in discussing why people can find different drugs helpful but also recognised the dangers of addiction.

The teachers were excited to see how engaged the pupils were across the school, heartened by debates and discussions and the huge respect pupils have for each other’s opinions and beliefs. We look forward to hearing plenty more discussion and debate as the term progresses, please do keep an eye on our news pages and social media channels.