King's St Alban's

2 July

Pupils end year on a high!


  • This week’s Superstar is Julietta, for always trying her best and being a super role model.
  • Hugo received a Focus certificate for his hard work in phonics.

Year 1

  • Well done, Cerys, who earned a Superstar certificate for showing great enthusiasm in all she does.
  • Zack received a Focus certificate for his super concentration when solving word puzzles in maths.

Year 2

  • ALL of Year 2 are Superstars this week for their excellent teamwork during their overnight stay in Malvern.
  • Mia received a Risk Taking certificate for crawling trough the long, dark tunnel even though she felt very unsure about it.

Year 3

  • Mrs Etherington’s class have been carrying out experiments in their science lessons, learning all about light.  Laura, Reuben, Monty and Jasper were congratulated on the standard of their written conclusions which explained their findings very well.

Year 4

  • Emily, Jack, Eshal and Georgia came up with innovative ways to help learn their spellings this week.  Well done all of you.
  • 4J are taking part in BBC Radio 2’s ‘Big Bee Challenge’ which calls on children to design a garden to help encourage Bees.  Miss Jordan was delighted with the standard of work from all of the children.
  • Year 4 organised a competition to guess the pet’s owner.  Thank you to all who took part; the children raised £77 for the RSPCA.  Winners were Skye, Lottie, Harry N and Miss Cartwright.
  • Emily brought in her hard earned karate certificate.  Well done, Emily!

Year 5

  • 5L have designed posters about the implications of deforestation and George, Lucia, Evie, Jessica, Ollie, Persephone, Seb and Scarlett were congratulated on their excellent work.

Year 6

  • Year 6 have been writing about their ‘Golden Moment’ memories of their time at KSA.  Within the year group, there are children who have been with us for different lengths of time, ranging from just one term to seven years and it was wonderful to see the variety of memories which have stuck with the children throughout their time here. Worthy of particular mention were Chloe, Evie, Jinc, Angus and Flo.
  • Big thanks to Melissa for her help in tidying and organising the library.
  • Mr Davies, who teaches English in the senior school, met Alex on the bus to school recently, and wrote to Mr Chapman to express his delight at Alex’s mature and confident manner during their ensuing conversation.
  • Well done to 6KB on the ‘Joy and Sorrow’ poems which they written and put together in a booklet.

Times Tables Certificates

  • Jack B passed the Rainbow and Mystic Jewell challenge.  We awarded three Silver and seven Gold certificates, plus Platinum awards for Mortimer, Arthur, Lex, Eamon, Lily, Yiming and Aiden.  A special mention goes to Reuben in Year 3, who has now passed all of the Year 3 and Year 4 times tables challenges.  That’s 1289 questions, of which he only got one wrong!  What a fantastic achievement, well done Reuben!