King's St Alban's

25 June

Pupils get creative with final GYM homework

It was the final GYM homework weekend of the year and the children have had fun this week sharing their projects with their classes.

Some of our youngest children in Nursery were busy in the kitchen, helping to prepare some delicious pancakes for Father’s Day.  There was also a fantastic interpretation of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ story using plasticine.

In Pre-Prep lots of children completed acts of kindness and proved to be excellent helpers, assisting their grown-ups with chores such as cleaning the car and doing the laundry. There were also many great space themed projects, imaginative marble runs and vehicle designs as well as some super research into flags.  We were impressed with a beautiful marble ink artwork based on Year 2’s current topic of Kenya and in Reception the children were each delighted to receive an individually painted stone thoughtfully created by one of their friends.

As ever there was some impressive artwork created by the children in the Junior School.  There was a fantastic castle constructed from cardboard, a super Thunderbird, Andy Warhol inspired pieces of art and origami models of a frog and a fish to name just a few.

The children continued to show their enthusiasm for environmental projects from bug hotels and ‘Save the Planet’ posters as well as some great writing about the Diglis Weir fish pass. GYM homeworks were also reflective of current affairs with a very informative PowerPoint detailing facts about the COVID vaccine.

The children enjoy the chance to pursue their interests during GYM homework weekends.  This was evident with a superb science project where DNA was represented in model form made out of sweets.  There was also a fantastic, original piano composition, board games created featuring College Green, rock climbing adventures, a very informative mindfulness fact sheet and poster and a brilliant dog assault course!

GYM is also a chance for the children to develop their Growth Mindset.  A great example was the perseverance shown when building a hydraulic arm, which took 5 hours to complete, as well as the precision and focus taken with a fantastic pencil drawing of a scene from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Well done, everyone for your hard work on your GYM homework projects this year.