King's St Alban's

13 March

Pupils swim the channel!

This week as part of our fundraising efforts for Sports Relief, King’s St Alban’s pupils and staff took on the challenge of swimming the channel! We had to swim 1,416 lengths of the school pool which is equivalent to 22 miles! Pupils across the school were keen to get involved:

Reception Swam 196 lengths

Yr1 Swam 41 lengths

Yr2 Swam 204 lengths

Yr3 Swam 407 lengths

Yr4 Swam 396 lengths

Yr5 Swam 892 lengths (+ another group yet to swim)

Yr6 Swam the Channel 1,783 lengths

Staff Swam 805 lengths

Our total so far stands at 5,573 lengths, 87 miles meaning we have smashed our target with pupils and staff swimming 3.95 times across the Channel!

KSA have excelled in their community effort to ‘Swim the Channel’ for Sport Relief.   BY the end of today they will have swum the Channel over 4 times!

As a teacher there are those days when you go home and you think ‘it’s all been worth it.’  You have had good lesson, where you feel a sense of achievement even if you have made a break through with just one child. This has been a week full of those days. Miss Woodger and I have spent the week grinning like Cheshire cats because we are so in awe of all of the children.

The figures obviously say a lot about how well they have done, but every lesson, swimming club, training session and even the ESSA Gala have been included in the total and the children rose to the challenge with incredible and enjoyment. They have enjoyed pushing themselves to their limit in the pool. Not one child  has complained all week even though a few were quite literally weak at the knees as they have climbed out of the pool at the end. Some children have managed to swim over a mile themselves and Phoebe M managed an incredible 72 lengths! However, their have been so many of our swimmers who have astonished us with their effort and achievements, and it is been fantastic to see the groups buzzing with that sense of achievement at the end of each session when we announced how far they have swum.

This will definitely be a week to remember.  All the children should be very proud of themselves; Miss Woodger and I certainly could not be any prouder than we are today.  We are now looking forward to getting the sponsorship forms back to see how much we have raised for this very worthy cause.

Mrs Clark.