King's Hawford

18 February

Random Acts of Kindness Week

This week we have been celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week, which has inspired some wonderfully creative ideas from children and staff. Throughout the week, the children have been shown the power of kindness and have been encouraged to undertake random acts of kindness. We have seen plenty of these from the children offering flowers, thank you notes and pictures to teachers to helping our wonderful cleaners during break times.

Reception have been busy this week focusing their attention on acts of kindness. On Monday morning, Reception received a visit from Debbie at Droitwich Food Bank. She came to collect donations from Reception and also took the time to talk to the children about where the donations would be going and how they would help people. On Monday afternoon, Reception children baked Valentine’s biscuits, which they then hand delivered to all of the teachers! The children also visited Fernhill House Care Home, where they spread a little sunshine in the form of sharing art work and waving at the residents. Rupert was particularly pleased to see his Great-Grandma, who was able to meet with the children outside. Keep your eyes out for Reception’s Bee Kind pebbles, which they have painted and scattered around the school grounds.

Year 1 enjoyed a visit from a group of Year 6 reading buddies, who came and shared their favourite picture books with the children. Meanwhile, Year 2 set off up the canal to clear up litter as their helpful act.

Year 3 presented a heart-warming assembly that featured all of the children narrating, singing and reciting poetry. The theme of the assembly was ‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind’. The line-up included some video clips of the children that left us all feeling quite emotional.

The performance must have struck the right note, because shortly afterwards Mrs Phillips came across some Year 5 children who had donned some rubber gloves, and, armed with cleaning fluid and cloths, were helping our lovely cleaners, Aggie and Rachel, during their break time.

Reverend Rich spent some time with Year 6 on Wednesday, talking about kindness and how the children could ‘pass it on’. The children shared their thoughts and ideas by creating a paper chain of suggestions, which inspired a great deal of thought and also gave the children a chance to showcase their collaborative skills. Year 6 were also given some cards which read ‘I caught you doing something kind’ that they awarded to deserving recipients from all year groups who had been spotted around the school site.

A large proportion of these cards found their way to Year 4, where the children have obviously been making a big effort to demonstrate kindness, in a wide variety of ways. The Year 4 children have been embracing their mindfulness sessions and The Stables have provided the perfect location to take a few minutes to reflect and regroup before setting off on the next task.

In order to be fully inclusive, Mrs Phillips asked staff to choose a random card with the name of another member of the team on it. They were tasked with writing a short message to the lucky recipient to explain why they loved working with them. After some initial heckling from the virtual staffroom, everyone settled into the task, it gave each and every member of staff a little lift when the cards were delivered later in the week.