King's Hawford

26 October

Has Goldilocks visited our Reception?

Our Reception children got quite a surprise last week when a trial of porridge was found inside their classroom, leading outside!

At first, the children thought someone had become messy at breakfast and foolishly brought the remainder of their morning meal into the classroom but, on further inspection, it looked like a trail…

But where did it lead? If you looked close enough, you could see the figure of a blonde little girl in the distance, near our tipi. Could it be that our school has been visited by one of our children’s most beloved fairy tale characters?

The children wasted no time and eagerly followed the trail from their classroom, to the playground, to the tipi and then to our vast sports fields, determined to get a glimpse of Goldilocks herself. It was great to see children exploring our vast grounds, getting some fresh air and working together to reach a collective goal.

Unfortunately, Goldilocks had run away by the time the Reception children caught up with her but a single bowl of porridge was left near our Forest School – proof that she had visited us! Our children were talking about the strange incident all week and were all wowed by the everyday magic that happens here at King’s Hawford.

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