King's Hawford

3 March

Reception’s Thinktank Fun

On Tuesday, Reception kicked off their Space topic with a trip to the Thinktank Museum in Birmingham. Excitement was high as the children set off out of the school grounds. For many of the children it was their first time travelling on a coach! One child declared that the coach journey itself was the ‘”best thing!” The journey was punctuated with excited chatter.

On arrival, the children headed to the Planetarium, where they learnt about stars and planets. The children were able to explore the outer reaches of space, journeying through the night sky and enjoying an adventure through the solar system.

By this point the children had worked up quite an appetite and were happy to stop for a spot of lunch. The children enjoyed a wonderful packed lunch provided by our lovely catering team back at the school. After refuelling, the children were eager to get going again.

With increased energy levels, the children visited the Science Garden – an outdoor discovery space. Here they investigated water, gravity and strength through hands-on exhibits. By being able to immerse themselves fully in the investigations, the children were able to gain a better understanding. It was also a great place for the children to burn off some of their newly acquired energy!

MiniBrum was the next port of call for the children. This huge indoor role play area was set up like a real town. The children were able to change tyres, visit the hair salon, build houses and serve customers. It was brilliant to see the children using their imaginations and being so creative with their role play.

The trip ended with a walk around the exhibits, looking at everything from dinosaurs to how the human bodies work. The children were very intrigued and asked lots of fascinating questions.

The journey back was a quieter affair, with a number of the children dozing off as the coach made its way back to the school. Those that managed to stay awake during the journey chattered happily about their experiences.

The children behaved impeccably and impressed all of the staff with their behaviour. They were excellent ambassadors for the school. A number of parents have commented on how the children had managed to retain so much information after the event. This was a truly worthwhile experience that has inspired all of Reception at the start of their space topic!