King's Hawford

5 July

Reception’s Wild adventure

Reception children rounded off their first formal year of school with a really wild adventure. With end of term festivities in full flow, it was an extremely excited group of children who boarded the school minibuses last Friday. Armed with school caps, waterproofs and packed lunches, the children were fully prepared for their adventure.

Their destination, All Things Wild near Evesham, provides children with engaging educational experiences which further enhance their classroom learning. This Term Reception have been focusing on Animals and Dinosaurs, and All Things Wild provided pupils with the perfect opportunity to immerse themselves fully in their topical learning and reinforce their knowledge.

On arrival, the children spent time walking through the animal enclosures, where they spotted zebras, wallabies, meerkats, parrots and camels, to name but a few. The children learnt all about the different animals and impressed staff with their knowledge and thoughtful questions.

After a quick pit-stop for lunch, the children spent time exploring the outdoor play area. It was wonderful to watch the children enjoying the space and playing so nicely together.

Once the children had fully explored the outdoor play area, they headed for the Dinosaur Walk! This amazing trail gave the children the opportunity to learn about how dinosaurs survived millions of years ago, how they lived, where they lived and lots of other fun facts! The children were fascinated by the realistic dinosaurs on display. During a photo opportunity, Miss Lane tested the children’s reaction times when she shouted out that she had seen the T-Rex move! The speed with which the children moved was impressive but ruined Mrs Campbell’s photo op! After the Dinosaur Walk the children spent time at Base Honeybourne, digging for dinosaur bones and playing in a real-life helicopter!

The final part of the trip saw the children burning off any left over energy with a play in the Jungle Mayhem soft play centre. With its slides, tunnels and revolving doors, there was plenty for Reception to enjoy.

The bus ride home was a lot quieter than the outbound journey, with a number of children falling asleep as the bus wound its way back to school! The children were great ambassadors for the school and behaved impeccably throughout the day.