King's St Alban's

10 June

RSPCA assembly inspires pupils

Pupils inspired by RSPCA Assembly. 

Following suggestions made at School Council and a pupil vote, children at King’s St Alban’s have decided to raise funds for the RSCPA over the coming weeks through a number of events.  This is one of many examples of pupil voice in action at King’s St Alban’s!

As charity work at a Prep School is about both fundraising and education, the children invited Dave Allen from RSPCA to speak about the charity in assembly.  Through the magic of technology, Dave zoomed in from the South Coast and gave an engaging and though-provoking talk on the work of the RSPCA and where our money might go.  The children responded with some excellent questions allowing Dave to talk about how animals are rehoused, how you can adopt an animal, the biggest and smallest animals the charity works with and its work in Europe and beyond.  The children, bubbled in year groups and watching in their classrooms, really enjoyed the presentation and remain committed to raising funds for the RSPCA before the end of term.