King's Hawford

4 February

Sports Report: Week 5

In this week’s sports report we look at how our teams have fared in fixtures against our sister school, King’s St Alban’s. We also review the U8 and U9 Swimming Gala that took place at King’s Senior on Thursday.

U8 & U9 Netball:

On Tuesday the U8s and U9s made the short journey across Worcester to King’s St Alban’s for an afternoon of netball. The girls were split into six teams, each one made up of both King’s Hawford and King’s St Alban’s players. All of the girls quickly adapted and soon gelled with their new teams, playing a total of five games each. It was great to gain a glimpse into the future of King’s Worcester Netball! The girls had lots of fun making new friends and playing lots of netball.

U10 Netball

On Wednesday, the U10 girls travelled to King’s St. Alban’s to play their first netball fixture with a complete team.  Miss Lake’s team started off extremely well, with fast passes and communication. Issie F and Arya P netted four goals within the first quarter, getting them off to winning ways.  Great play followed but the King’s St. Alban’s team came back more strongly in the second and third quarter; excellent defending helped the team keep the score at 4-0. In the final quarter, there was excellent teamwork from Rose G and Erin L in attack, leading to two more goals for Hawford. The final score was 6-1 to Hawford.

Miss Layton’s team took to the court straight afterwards and demonstrated strong passes and good communication.  Georgia P and Harriette T found space well and this led to some great chances for the team. Unfortunately, the opposition had several height advantages and this secured them four goals early on. In the final quarter, a strong shooting performance from Michelle Z helped the team make a small comeback, scoring two beautiful goals.  The final score was 4-2 to King’s St. Alban’s.  Players of the matches were: Arya P and Michelle Z.

U11 Netball

On Wednesday our U11 girls welcomed teams from King’s St Alban’s to our courts. The Hawford girls were split into four teams of five for a round of Bee Ball games. All of the girls played well and enjoyed the experience. Mrs Beech was very impressed with the girls’ teamwork and Mrs Marshall Walker commended the girls for their excellent shooting and defensive play!

It was great to see the girls putting the skills they learnt in club into practice in these games. The games were competitive but enjoyable and all of the teams celebrated with pizza and cookies!

U8 & U9 Football

On Tuesday afternoon, the U8 and U9 boys enjoyed three enjoyable and competitive football matches with King’s St Alban’s. The games were played with great enthusiasm and hard work and it was lovely to see some of the Year 3 boys from the two schools teaming up and playing alongside each other. The progress of all Hawford boys was clear to see and it is great to see them starting to understand the demands of different positions. Highlights of the games included a variety of well-worked goals for the U8 boys as well as a dramatic last-minute goal from James B that decided their match!

U10 & U11 Football

The U10 and U11 boys were highly impressive in their football matches against King’s St Alban’s on Wednesday afternoon. The four matches resulted in a flurry of goals as well as committed defending throughout. The boys’ passing and movement was a joy at times and their decision making in possession has become much more refined and accurate. The highlights of the afternoon included an outstanding penalty save by Jack W as well as several key goals by Will YB.


U8 & U9 Swimming Gala

The U8 and U9 swimming team headed to King’s’ pool for a swimming gala against King’s St. Alban’s and RGS The Grange.  The gala started very well, with a fantastic swim from Holly J achieving 1st place in the first race of the evening – backstroke.  More first places came from Izadora M-P, Finn M-P, Harry G, Harriet B and Pippa P. There were more fantastic swims from Thomas C, Annabel J, Chloe T and George O.  The medley relay and front crawl relay event were also highlights and all swimmers should be commended for their efforts and teamwork. A big shout-out also needs to go to Luca M, who stepped into the U9 team at last minute. The gala ended with King’s Hawford’s A team taking home first place with 111 points (beating KSA by 2 points) and the B team taking fourth with 42 points.