King's Hawford

28 January

Spring Term Prefects Appointed

At the start of the Academic Year, King’s Hawford introduced a Pupil Leadership Team, made up of the Heads of School and Prefects. The selection process for all roles was modelled on the process in place for School Monitors at “Big King’s”. All of our Year 6 pupils were able to submit an application for their chosen role via a letter outlining why they believed they would be superb role models for their fellow pupils.

The new term has seen the appointment of a new Pupil Leadership Team. Last week it was announced that Fletcher and Millie were taking on the roles of Heads of School. This week we are pleased to report that our new prefects are: Henry K, Emily J, Nico, Emily P, Charlotte B, Ned, Olivia (Liv) and Elissa. Henry K and Emily J are our Music Prefects, Nico and Emily P are our Academic Prefects, Charlotte B and Ned are our Sports Prefects and Liv and Elissa are our Citizenship Prefects.

Henry K is a talented musician, playing the harp and taking part as a voluntary chorister at Worcester Cathedral. Mrs Phillips believes “his positive, can-do attitude will be a great asset to the team”. Emily J is quiet, unassuming and understated; she loves to sing and is looking forward to her new role. Mrs Phillips praised Emily for her kindness and compassion.

Nico is hardworking and is a creative thinker who achieves well in all areas of the curriculum. He throws himself into every aspect of school life. Emily P joined the school in Year 5. She has made huge progress, academically, socially and on the sports field. Mrs Phillips and the rest of the school staff are very proud of her continuing development.

Charlotte B she is a fierce competitor and a talented athlete, who has also learned to appreciate the efforts of her team mates. Charlotte is passionate about her school and this really shines through. Ned is a hugely popular and positive addition to the team. He is totally committed to his friends and his school and is a wonderful team player who always displays great sportsmanship.

Liv is one of the most polite and helpful members of the year group and is always around to lend a hand. She is a mad Harry Potter fan and can often be found with her nose in a book! Elissa brings her own brand of positive energy to the team. She is hilarious company and always able to raise a smile from those around her.

In their roles as Prefects, Henry K, Emily J, Nico, Emily P, Charlotte B, Ned, Liv and Elissa will be expected to act as role models for other pupils by demonstrating punctuality, good attendance, behaviour and appearance. They will show a willingness to serve, to do jobs when asked and to volunteer in key situations. All Prefects will display a sensible disposition and pleasant nature, allowing for good relationships with all members of the School family. A key part of the role will the ability to lead, to show initiative, to be level-headed and honest in all situations. Our Prefects will show care and consideration to others around school.

We look forward to watching our Prefects lead by example this term.