King's Hawford

19 January

Introducing our Star Bakers

It seems we have some star bakers in our Reception class. The children have been working together to bake some tasty treats despite COVID-19 restrictions, thanks to the introduction of a weekly virtual bake-a-long.

Each week the children will be baking together in their own homes, but staying connected as they would in the classroom via Zoom. The recipe and ingredients are sent out in advance and during the session the children follow the steps together.

For their first session, the children baked delicious chocolate chip-cookies which provided a well-earned treat for both parents and pupils after a week of remote learning. Going forward, the children will take it in turns to suggest the weekly bake and actually lead the session by explaining each step to their class-mates.

Star Bakers at King's Hawford

Jodie Howland, Reception Teacher, said: “Baking is not only an exciting activity for children to participate in but also a fantastic way to apply their learning whilst they count and measure ingredients. We’re continually looking at new and exciting ways to engage the children as we would in the classroom and a virtual bake-a-long has proved a big hit. It’s a lovely way for the children to round off their week and spend some time with their friends.”

Following feedback from parents and pupils the bake-a-long has become a weekly feature. Well done Reception, you really are star bakers!

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