King's St Alban's

25 February

Superheroes in Reception

Reception children have returned to lessons after half term with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Their new topic is ‘superheroes’ and they have had a wonderful week exploring this theme. We are so proud of their continued hard work and focus during our Zoom sessions and in their learning.

This week they have been learning about superheroes, focusing on the story, Supertato. The children have written and talked about their own superheroes. We have been amazed at the children’s imaginations and ideas about what their superheroes do and the superpowers they have! We have also thought about real-life superheroes and what they mean to us. Reception children really are superheroes; they have truly embraced and had lots of fun with their topic. They have dressed up as superheroes and have even tried to use their superhero powers! It is such a pleasure to see the progress that the children are making in all areas of their learning and we are so proud of them all for being enthusiastic and curious. We cannot wait to have them all back in school in March.