King's Hawford

11 March

Tenner Challenge Comes to End

This term, as part of our fundraising efforts, we launched the Tenner Challenge. Teams from Year 5 and Year 6 have spent the past month trying to grow an initial investment of £10 by developing enterprising ideas to make money. Teams were able to raffle, sell, perform, recycle or reuse to build their finances.

Each Wednesday the teams were able to advertise their wares with sales taking place on Thursdays and Fridays across the Spring Term. The teams could sell to children and adults. Over the past month the playground has been a hive of activity on Thursday and Friday break times as children from across the school school came out in force to support the teams.

Mrs Phillips and all of the staff have been extremely impressed with the teams. We have some excellent entrepreneurs here at King’s Hawford. A lot of effort has gone into the money making ideas and there has been a wonderful variety of things being “sold”. From the concept of ideas to advertising and right the way through to execution, pupils have really thought outside the box.

We have had one ambitious team approach the King’s Worcester marketing department with a pitch to sell branded key rings, a savvy group raffling off sports memorabilia that they had managed to get their hands on, a team selling repurposed cup and saucer bird feeders and one group that had tapped into the popular slime market that apparently exists in the King’s Hawford Pre-Prep!

Lots of time and effort went in to the production of the items and there many creative, hand-crafted items being sold for example potted plants, stationary and personalised gifts. One energetic team set a skipping challenge which was great fun! There were also plenty of sweet treats on offer from sweet cones and popcorn, to donuts and home baked cakes.

It is safe to say that through the enterprising actions of our teams and the generosity of the King’s Hawford community we are on target to raise a substantial amount for our school charities – UNICEF and Project Gambia. These charities were selected at the start of the academic year – you can read more about the selection process and the charities we support here.