King's Hawford

18 March

The Tenner Challenge Awards

This term we launched the Tenner Challenge as part of our fundraising efforts. Teams from Year 5 and Year 6 have spent the past month trying to grow an initial investment of £10 by developing enterprising ideas to make money. Teams were able to raffle, sell, perform, recycle or reuse to build their finances.

Last week saw the challenge draw to a close and this week the teams have been totting up their profits and handing the cash in at the school office. This fundraising initiative has been brilliantly received by the whole school community. From the teams entering the challenge with their £10 and lots of ideas to the pupils, staff and friends and family who have supported the teams through purchases and more.

In our Celebration Assembly Mr Stigant and Mrs Phillips handed out awards to recognise those who went above and beyond with their ideas, marketing and ultimately those who managed to raise the most amount of money for our charities.

The first award was presented to a team who, although they didn’t make the most amount of money, showed pure commitment and dedication to the challenge. The Commitment to the Challenge Award was presented to Khaleefah, Jack and Max. These boys were out at every opportunity during the course of the initiative with their skipping challenge.

The Product Development Award was presented to Edward S. Edward grew plants from seeds and sold these at school; this was a brilliant way to grow his initial investment in more ways than one! Well done Edward!

Of all the brilliant money making schemes there are a couple that really stood out. The Market Understanding Award was presented to a team who had a brilliant understanding of the market and really appealed to our younger pupils. Congratulations to Edith and Isla – their Slime idea was an excellent one.

The award for the Best Campaign went to Florrie C. Florrie had a grasp of the challenge. She used her initial investment to purchase some colorful thread which she turned into beautiful friendship bracelets. Florrie then used her profits to invest in china tea sets which she converted into bird feeders. The bird seed that she sold alongside the feeders was a clever touch. Florrie’s entrepreneurial skills impressed many of the staff and her eye for detail was clear in the catchy advert that she crafted at the start of the campaign. Well done Florrie!

The award for Overall Winners was presented to a team who worked tirelessly to raise their funds. The team started off by selling cakes but soon moved on to another money making scheme. Members of the team wrote personalised letters to local organisations to gain donations which they would ultimately raffle. The team’s efforts paid off and they managed to get hold of some excellent prizes. From an initial investment of £10 the team managed to raise £354.27 for charity. Well done to Harvey, Jack and Isaac!

There was one final special award presented in Celebration Assembly. The Delboy award, sponsored by Trotter’s Independent Trading, was awarded to Cameron. Not only did he manage to raise a fair amount of money, Cameron also kept staff amused with his suitcase of tricks. When he turned up on the first day with a suitcase full of sweet treats, opened it and popped his sign out, all of the staff agreed it was a stroke of pure brilliance! Excellent work Cameron.

We have been overwhelmed by the success of this campaign. A total of £2,107.48 has now been raised for our charities. £700 of this has been donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee to support the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. The rest will be split between our charities, Project Gambia and UNICEF.