King's Hawford

4 February

The Week in Pre-Prep – Year 2

It’s been another busy and productive week of learning for Year 2.

In Maths this week the children have been learning about statistics. On Tuesday they looked at tallying. After some tricky reasoning questions, the classes completed their own tally chart by carrying out a survey to find Year 2’s favourite flavour of ice-cream (Mint). On Thursday the children continued their learning by looking at pictograms. They then had a go at performing their own.

In Forest School on Tuesday the children were able to put their new found statistical skills to the test by creating tallies of items found within the Forest School area. Armed with clipboards and pens, they set off to see what they could find!

It was a swimming week in PE and the children loved their time in the water. This week the focus was on front crawl and, after a few widths across the pool, the children were challenged to swim a full length of the pool. All of the children listened to feedback from Miss Holtham and Mrs Beech and it was great to see them all trying to implement it on their next swim.

In music this week, the children have been learning about the musical element of pitch. Previously they have learnt a song called The Prehistoric Animal Brigade, which teaches them about pitch movement. They could identify the pitch rising in each verse and this week they accompanied the song using glockenspiels. Next week they are starting their own Dinosaur Stomp compositions on the glockenspiels, creating short patterns that they can then move in pitch by stepwise movement.

MFL lessons are always a highlight of the week for many of Year 2. A trip to see Mrs Hyde always puts a smile on their faces. This week the children were learning the German names for all the different animals. Gut erledigt Year 2!

In their English lessons the children have been writing alternative endings to Sleeping Beauty. The class have demonstrated an excellent range of vocabulary and have produced some creative endings to the story. Mr Roberts and Mr Marsland are both very proud of every child for their super spelling with the whole year earning House Points!

In Geography the children have learnt about famous landmarks in Greece and spent time comparing them to landmarks in the UK. Next week the children will have the opportunity to cook and taste some Greek Food. Year 2 are looking forward to cooking some pitta bread over an open fire.

Year 2 finished the week with a super Games session with Miss Holtham. The Year were split into their classes for a Mr Roberts v Mr Marsland competition. The teams went head to head in four different ball skills. First up was the penalty shoot-out, which was won by Mr Marsland’s team. Next up the teams had a dribbling race. Each member of the class had to dribble a football between cones and back to their team mates. It was a close run race but Mr Marsland’s team were victorious, taking them two points clear. The throwing relay allowed Mr Marsland’s team to creep even further ahead. The final activity was goal shooting using the netball posts. Both teams tried extremely hard. Mr Roberts’ team scored two whilst Mr Marsland’s team scored 3. At the end of the first round of activities Mr Marsland’s team was winning. After a quick break the teams started Round 2. This time Mr Robert’s team managed to claw some points back. The final score was very close – just one point in it! What a great way to end the week!