King's St Alban's

12 March

This week’s assemblies

International Women’s Day 8.3.21

On Monday our Prep School Assembly focused on International Women’s Day, this year’s tagline being #ChooseToChallenge.

Mr Chapman spoke about the film and musical, ‘Made in Dagenham’, the famous story of the Ford factory in the 1960s where the women workers famously went on strike to get equal pay.

The front page of Monday’s iPaper is eye-catching and all seven images are of women, including a famous author, athlete, journalist and scientist.

The world is still not equal in terms of equal pay and jobs. To this day there have only been two female Prime Ministers in the UK and there has never been a female President of the USA. Most of the biggest corporations are run by men and the biggest earners are male. Last week, nurses in the UK have been given a 1% pay rise which to many is an outrage in terms of their service and sacrifice they have made in the last 12-18 months.

You may have heard of Florence Nightingale, a pioneer in the nursing field and also of woman’s rights. Her father was rich and believed she should be educated. She turned down several marriage proposals and told her parents she wanted to be a nurse, something which, at the time, was considered to be for lower classes. She persuaded her father to let her train in Germany for 2 years and when, in 1853, the Crimea War broke out, vast numbers of wounded soldiers were dying of malaria and cholera. The government finally let Florence and a team of 38 nurses travel to Turkey to help. They came across appalling conditions in the Turkish hospitals. She and her team washed the men, re-dressed wounds, put them in clean uniform, wrote letters and cleaned the floors. The nurses made a huge impact on the death rate. Florence invented the pie chart to show that fewer men were dying and famously became known as the ‘Lady with the Lamp’ checking on the men at night. After the war she returned to England, determined to improve the standard of nursing everywhere, and spoke to Queen Victoria about this. Florence wrote books about nursing principles and the right for women to have a career, raised huge amounts of money and in 1860 founded the Florence Nightingale School and Home for Nurses, at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. She died in 1910 at the age of 90, having achieved so much for nursing and women’s rights.

So often we fall to stereotypes and we all have a role to play in supporting the fact that men and women can, and should, have jobs at the very top and we should aspire for a gender equal world. This includes raising awareness against bias, taking action towards greater equality and celebrating female achievements. A huge amount has been achieved thanks to female trailblazers such as Florence Nightingale and the women who fought for their rights in Dagenham in 1960.

Celebration Assembly 12.3.21

It was wonderful to be able to hold a live assembly once again.  All of our Pre-Prep children attended, in carefully separated ‘bubbles,’ while the rest of the school watched via Zoom.

Thank you to Josh L for opening today’s assembly with a superb solo flute performance, ’It’s Me, O Lord.’  This was our first performance of live music for months, and it was delightful!

Here are some of the highlights and special mentions:

Pre Prep

Superhero Certificates:

  • Bertie W for his impressive focus in the classroom
  • Livvy for always brightening Mrs Thorpe and Mrs Monkhouse’s day!
  • Zack L for his amazing focus
  • Jasper for ‘finding his brave’
  • Will B for his incredible confidence and self-belief
  • Albert for his unfailing focus and determination

Amazing achievements

  • Ariya in Year 2 wrote a super newspaper report about the Great Fire of London
  • Will B, Tommy D and Greta W in year 2 have all been absolute superstars in Maths!
  • Kasvika in Year 1 has shown real pride in her science work, well done!
  • Rudy, George and Amber in Reception have been doing some really excellent writing – you are amazing!
  • Poppy E in Reception got 100% in her Maths quiz – what an impressive achievement!

Year 3

  • Mrs White and Mrs Atkinson are very proud of Year 3’s engagement in the classroom and in their team building exercises – well done to all the children in Year 3!

Year 4

  • In English, Ella, Iman, Sienna and Isabelle have written fantastic settings using the Tricks of the Writers Trade.
  • In history, Year 4 have been imagining the floor plan of their dream Roman villa.  Well done especially to Erin B, Ace D and Harry B for their fantastic work.

Year 5

  • In 5P’s English classes they have been exploring poetry based on the mind. Well done to Taym, Henry G, Sidney and Sam for their impressive contributions.
  • 5L took part in a resilience challenge in February, with Mihika. Liv S, Jess M, Jack T and Lily receiving Gemstone Awards.  Amazing work Year 5!
  • JM, Florence and Scarlet have excelled in Paws b.
  • Well done, Ivy, for her amazing charity work in aid of Vale Wildlife Centre. What great initiative Ivy, we’re all so proud of you !
  • In Science, Year 5 have been making posters about gasses.  Lucia, Mihika, Sam, Florence and Alice showed real pride in their work which is fantastic to see.
  • Jess M and Florence B undertook projects during Lockdown; Jess did a great project on diamonds and Florence made an inspirational poster on positivity and having a Growth Mindset. Well done, girls!
  • Jess M has also received a Cubs photography award for the ‘Best animal portrait.’ Excellent, Jess.  Keep it going!
  • Year 5 ‘Spelling Hero’ certificates were awarded to Eamon, Olivia and Lily,

Year 6

  • 6KB have been working on monologues based on ‘All the World’s a Stage.’  Well done to James, Maheen and Amelia, Lilly-Mae and Lydia for their incredible pieces of work