King's Hawford

6 November

Victorian Day for Year 5

Our Year 5 children travelled back in time today at our Victorian Day!

This activity replaced our planned trip to Blists Hill Victorian Town, an open-air museum built on a former industrial complex, due to new Coronavirus restrictions. However, we were still determined to give our children the opportunity to experience life as a Victorian child, which is why we’ve hosted our very own Victorian Day.

Our children (and teachers) dressed up in traditional Victorian clothes as they took part in a host of different activities. The day started off with a lesson in the Victorian School Room and they even had the opportunity to make and play with their own Victorian toys.

Break time saw our children take part in Victorian Drill – back then, there was no PE or sports curriculum like we have today – and drill was a way of providing exercise for children and encourage them to follow instructions. Drill would often include standing pupils in rows and marching the children in line.

We were even able to provide an interactive and virtual visit to Blists Hill so the children could learn even more about the Victorian era and identify how different life would be for them back then. This was the only time technology was allowed throughout the lesson in order to mimic a real Victorian classroom.

Whilst it’s disappointing our trip was cancelled at such short notice, we continue to be committed to bringing the very best education and opportunities for our children.