King's St Alban's

27 April

Visit from Headway Worcester

We were delighted to welcome a representative from Headway Worcester to a special school assembly on Tuesday morning to accept the money that the school has raised selling the Chicolates in the run up to the Easter Holidays. The final total was a whopping £550. The pupils were told how the money would be used to help those recovering from a brain injury in the Worcester area. Specifically the money will be used in the Headway workshop where those suffering with brain injuries are able to relearn vital skills.

The assembly was very informative and all pupils learnt a great deal about the brain and how easily it can be damaged. All pupils enjoyed having a feel of a"brain" (not real!) that had bought in and were shocked to realise how soft it really is! The children asked some intriguing questions and also came up with great ways to protect their brains such as wearing a helmet when cycling or riding, eating a healthy balanced diet and drinking plenty of water.