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6 December

Weekly Sports Round Up 06.12.19

Swimming Gala

The Year 3&4 pupils were very excited on Thursday as they had their first swimming gala of the year. RGS and Abberley were our visitors for this event and they also had some anxious children who had never swam in a gala before. The whole event was electric and it was great to see the delight on the childrens faces as they finished their races and the disappointment when they realised it had finished.

Mrs Clark

Swimming Gala at King' St Alban's (Full width Image)

Boy’s Rugby 

U11A v RGS The Grange 

Wednesday saw the last game of a positive season for the U11A rugby team as we journeyed across the city.  It was clear that both teams had developed and improved significantly since the start of season tournament at The Elms and it was the home side who started more brightly.  Indeed, it was frustrating that we started in nervy, tentative fashion.  RGS moved the ball well, used the offload effectively and made full use of the wide pitch.  A few poor tackles and defensive errors saw RGS score five unopposed first half tries and it seemed a disappointing end to the season was on the cards.  However, in a classic ‘game of two halves’ we discovered our A game for the last 20 minutes of the season.  Peter started the momentum with an opportunistic try then Max’s eye for a gap and lovely balanced running led to two more.  Luke showed tremendous work rate and tackled with gusto and George F scored his usual interception try.  The game ended up 6-4 to RGS and this was probably a fair score over the 40 minutes.  Our boys can reflect on a superb last 20 minutes but on the importance of playing from the first whistle.   

Mr Chapman 

U11B v RGS The Grange 

A mixed set of emotions for the U11 B team as they embarked on their final Rugby fixture of their KSA journey. We travelled to RGS the grange and took part in a Triangular Fixture against RGS and Moor Park.  Both games were tough and played in a similar manner. Moor Park and RGS moved the ball with speed and kept their depth well. However, we stood our ground and put up a solid defensive line. Every one of them got stuck in and made the most of their last fixture for KSA. Well done boys, you have all been brilliant this term. 

Mr Hooman 

U11C v RGS The Grange 

The Under 11 Cs played an unusually strong RGS C team on Wednesday, and although we managed to score only a couple of tries, we did not put them under sufficient pressure when tackling. With improved field position and a firmer intention to tackle in all parts of the pitch, we would improve our game. Nevertheless, the children certainly enjoyed the experience and the ‘warm-you-up’ tea afterwards! 

Mr Braithwaite 

U10A v RGS The Grange 

 The boys travelled to RGS The Grange for their last rugby fixture of the term. With the fixture being between the rehearsals and the carol service, the boys were in full voice and the teachers were treated to a preview of what was to come that night! I asked the boys to make sure they came off the field after finishing their game with no regrets and no question whether they fully gave their all. I cannot fault their efforts and determination throughout the game and they never stopped giving 100% effort. Jinc was exceptional all afternoon, his pace and agility enabled him to step past several players and find gaps in the RGS defence. Giles E seemed to be everywhere on the pitch, his work rate to make sure he was involved in nearly every passage of play was very impressive. Thomas W’s rugby has developed tremendously this year and on Wednesday afternoon he made a few great tackles to stop RGS reaching the try line to score. It is lovely to see his confidence continue to grow from week to week. Another stand out performer was Daniel, he carried the ball with such strength and pace which meant the RGS team really struggled to tackle him. Well done to the year 5s for a great rugby term full of progression and enjoyment throughout! 

Mr Hooman 

Girls’ Hockey 

U11 v RGS The Grange 

A lovely afternoon for the U11s last hockey match at KSA. The A team worked well as team and kept to their positions. There were some lovely runs up the wing by Martha with Ava backing up. Arabella and Phoebe were again superb in defence. In the B team Ruby and Harriet worked well to meet the ball and push it out the sides. Grace, Juliet and Pia worked well in the attacking D and Juliet scored a very impressive goal. Excellent! Well done girls! 

Miss Jordan

U10 v RGS The Grange 

The sun shone on the girls this afternoon as they played their last match of the season. The progress made by them all has been very pleasing. After a very productive training session on Tuesday I was very pleased to see them trying to take the ball into space while trying to get their heads up to seek the right pass. I was also impressed with how both teams tried to use all the space. Again, in the A team, Steph worked the ball calmly out of defence, Maheen made some vital tackles and the forwards passed the ball well in the middle of the pitch. In the B team Florence continued to work hard in the back of the diamond making some strong tackles and getting the ball forward to Amelia. Amelia covered lots of the pitch and ‘jumped back’ into defence well. Izzy worked hard on the wing and scored a text book goal from the top of the D. Two good games to finish the season. 

Mrs Clarke 

U9 v RGS The Grange 

The U9s girls had their last match of the season on Tuesday afternoon. It was cold, but that didn’t deter the girls. Lucia and Sidney worked well pushing the ball up the pitch with Immie and Eleanor backing up. RGS were strong and they scored an early goal. However, our defence were strong and Mia (goalkeeper) saved a couple of goals. The girls needed to remember to keep to their positions and to work the ball up as a team. In the B team Florence and Lily-May worked hard moving the ball around and Scarlett was superb as goalkeeper. We worked hard pushing the ball into space but we need to remember to position ourselves to receive such a pass. Well done girls a great season! 

Miss Jordan 

U8 Hockey RGS The Grange 

On Tuesday all of our Yr3 girls played a mini-tournament on our astro against RGS. The sun shone and the girls all got very excited playing some excellent hockey in their last match of the year. It was also lovely to see the warm and friendly interactions between all the girls. 

Mrs Clark