King's Hawford

10 March

Writing Comp launches at Hawford

Following on from World Book Day, we are excited to introduce a national creative writing competition that King’s Hawford children from Year 3 to Year 6 can enter. Over the next couple of weeks, pupils will be introduced to the competition at school during in their English lessons. They will be encouraged and supported to create their own character and write a story plan. These elements will then be brought home, where they can be completed, edited and entered into the competition at home.

To enter, the children will need to write a five hundred word story about the day their character wakes up to discover they have been transformed into something. It can be an animal, another person or anything they like. Children will need to create their character and write a story about what happens. The story will need to be word-processed and uploaded at home by a parent / guardian, using their email address.

The final round of the judging will be done by Sam Copeland, a children’s author, whose most recent book, Greta and the Ghost Hunters, was published in January 2022.

More information about this exciting creative writing competition can be found here and here.