King's Hawford

11 March

Y4’s Stone Age Adventure

On Monday 7th March, Year 4 pupils enjoyed a trip to Bishop’s Wood, in Stourport. The trip was part of their study of the Stone Age to Iron Age topic that they have been covering this term. Pupil’s departed King’s Hawford on a minibus full of excitement for the day ahead.

During the a day pupils were immersed in life during this interesting period. The morning was spent taking part in hunting, farming and fire lighting activities. Through a variety of activities, pupils learnt first-hand what it was like to hunt and gather. They were taught practical skills of making hurdles and fishing nets. Pupils were especially interested in observing different types of rocks and tools of the period and how these were used. Fire and the importance of charcoal and how fires were lit was discussed at length.

After lunch pupils had even more opportunities to get hands-on as the were given he task of being members of a Mesolithic tribe who had to build their own shelters. This task required the children to use their team work and problem solving skills to complete the challenge and it was a pleasure to see such amazing collaboration from all involved.

It was a brilliant day and an excellent learning experience for Year 4. Mr Cook said “this trip has really enhanced the learning of our topic this term. It has been great for the pupils to come to Bishops Wood and get the chance to be so hands on. All of the pupils were great ambassadors for King’s Hawford and impressed staff with their knowledge”.