King's St Alban's

21 March

Y1 visit to West Midlands Safari Park

Year One had a wonderful time at West Midlands Safari Park on Tuesday.  The day started with a drive through the safari animals.  We were incredibly lucky to have some close animals encounters.  The highlights were seeing a pack of lions pulling and chewing on pieces of meat that had been left hanging on pieces of string, a pack of wild African dogs running and leaping past our minibus towards the zookeepers to have their feed and a family of elephants picking up sticks with their trunks.  After the drive through experience we tucked into our packed lunch in the picnic area and then made our way into the main park.  We nervously tiptoed into the dark bat cave, which for some was a little frightening, but we plucked up our courage to witness a fascinating experience as we saw bats flutter above our heads!  A particular favourite area was the reptile house where the children couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw two crocodiles lying extremely still in their enclosure and some water snakes slithering around in their tank.  After that we took a walk to the lemur woods where we enjoyed observing the lemurs leaping around high up in the trees.  One friendly lemur jumped on Mrs Holden Milners shoulders much to the children’s delight!  Finally we ended our day by watching a sealion show which was incredibly funny.  Jack the sea lion was a bit disobedient as he refused to follow the zookeepers instructions whilst Callum the sea lion behaved impeccably!