King's Hawford

12 November

Year 2 carry on exploring

This week we caught up with Year 2 and learnt all about the exciting things they have been up to! Year 2 are continuing with their ‘Explorer’ topic and are fresh from a trip to the Thinktank at the Birmingham Science Museum. This week their learning has been carefully woven around their explorer topic.

In English the children have been introduced to their new text, ‘Man on the Moon’ by Simon Bartram. Before diving headlong into reading the book, the children have spent time looking at the pictures and thinking about questions that could help them predict what the book might be about. The children have also used their observations to write statements about the book – it will be interesting to revisit these once the book has been read! Mr Roberts and Mr Marsland were very impressed with how well all of the children did with their spellings this week. The children were set new words that ended with ‘le to learn via Showbie ‘.

Adding and subtracting two digit numbers has been the focus in Maths this week. The children have also enjoyed some practical maths, looking at exchanging 10’s for 1’s. They have spent time exploring the meaning of the word ‘chronological’. This was done through sorting pictures of the different types of modes of transport a explorer might use. As a group they worked together to order the pictures, then had a go at doing it individually.

A highlight of the week for many of Year 2 was probably their visit to Forest School. Mrs Redman lit a campfire and all of the children (and Mr Roberts) enjoyed making s’mores, using marshmallows and chocolate biscuits!

Year 2’s Science lesson saw them taking their learning to the outdoor classroom, where the children learnt about sound. The learning objective of the lesson was to understand how sounds are made. The children discussed how sounds get quieter as they moved further away from where the sound starts and how something moves or vibrates when sounds are made. The lesson culminated in the children each producing two shakers; the aim was to make one shaker that would be quieter than the other.

The children learnt about the importance of on-line safety in their IT lesson this week. Using their brand new iPads, the children were taught about digital footprints and how everything they do on-line leaves a trail.

It is a very exciting time of year for the children and work has already began on the Years 1 and 2 Christmas Show, Ralph the Reindeer! Both classes are spending time each week practising their lines and dances! In their music lessons with Mrs Hughes, the children have already made a start on the songs for the show. We cannot wait to share the end result with parents next month.

Another super week, well done Year 2!