King's St Alban's

1 February

Year 2 trip to the Infirmary Museum

On a crisp winter's Monday afternoon 2H took a walk through town to the Infirmary Museum; once part of the Royal Worcester Hospital and now one of the key buildings of the University of Worcester's City Campus. 

2H had made the walk to take part in a science work-shop linked to their current learning on 'The Human Body'. The children were quickly split into groups and got straight into the key learning of measuring. The children measured and recorded their height and weight, shoe size and flexibility before moving to another part of the building to use some very exciting equipment that measured their blood oxygen saturation, temperature, peak flow, pulse at rest and whilst active and the speed of their reflexes. The children particularly enjoyed the reach activity with some of our children being able to jump and reach over 2 metres! It was also brilliant to see how well and for how long the children could balance on one leg – many of the adults in the room wobbled and fell over way before the children!

The visit ended with a thorough visit around the fascinating museum which details the history of the infirmary  and hospital at Worcester. The children had a chance to explore all of this whilst dressed up as health care professionals: nurses, doctors, surgeons, ward sisters, consultants, anaesthetists: we had them all! A wonderful, highly educational and fun trip was had by all!