There were cheers from the minibuses as blue sky appeared and the sun came out as we arrived at Warwick Castle. Having been learning about castles since the beginning of term, the children were keen to see what features and characters they would recognise at a real castle.

After a glimpse of the Great Hall prepared for a feast, we visited the Time Tower and went back in time to learn how the castle had developed from a simple motte and bailey castle hundreds of years ago. It was fascinating to see how parts of the stone castle were damaged through battles and fires before being built up into the great fortress we were visiting. Next came a fleeting visit to the gaol before the Kingmaker experience, and the opportunity to walk alongside Richard Neville as he prepared for battle in 1471. The sights, sounds and smells of the 15th century were brought vividly to life and the children discovered just how heavy a medieval knight’s helmet was!

We learned about the tricky techniques of archery from the Bowman before the children enjoyed their lunch in the sunshine, eagerly awaiting the Falconer’s Quest bird of prey display. They were not disappointed: as we followed the story of Hobby as he trained to become a falconer, owls, eagles and hawks soared majestically through the skies. There were many gasps of delight – and shock – as birds came low over the children’s heads. No one lost their lunch though!

The afternoon saw us climbing up the castle ramparts; all the children bravely managed the winding spiral staircases up and down before ascending to the highest point of the castle, Guy’s Tower. We left the castle via the Barbican, the main gate, and it was marvellous to hear the children imagine gory tales involving the murder holes and portcullis.

No one got locked in the dungeons and 19 tired children travelled back to Worcester, full of all they had seen and learnt. Thank you to all the children and staff for a wonderful, fun-filled day.