King's St Alban's

8 October

Year 2 Visit to Warwick Castle

Year Two had a fantastic trip to Warwick Castle on Friday. They have spent this half term learning about the history of castles and the children were excited to see all of the features that they have been learning about from the murder holes in the gatehouse to the arrow slits in the tower.

The children found out all about the job of a bowman and enjoyed cheering on the castle's resident archer. We braved the dungeons and tried to find evidence of some of the previous inhabitants who had inscribed marks on the walls. The children worked fantastically as a team encouraging their peers up the towers and along the ramparts. We lost count of the number of stairs we went up!

As always, the highlight of the trip was seeing the great trebuchet in action, watching two men wind it up by walking in a giant hamster wheel. It was a fantastic day and so much fun seeing a such a historic castle in action.