King's Hawford

8 October

Year 2’s Explorer Quest

The children in Year 2 experienced an exciting start to the academic year as they jumped headlong into their first topic of the term, ‘Modern Day Explorers’. Over the past few weeks their learning has been based around explorers. One of the explorers who has been used to inspire the children is Jessica Nabongo, who is a Ugandan-American traveller and blogger. She is the first black woman to have travelled to every country in the world. On 6th October 2019 she arrived in her final country, the Seychelles. Key moments of her travelling experiences have influenced the learning in Year 2. Jessica Nabongo said that to be a good explorer, you need to be open to new experiences, sociable and have a good sense of direction when you arrive in new countries. Year 2 have definitely been open to new experiences as they have embraced life in their new classes; they have also been very sociable and we have been working on their sense of direction.

Inspired by Jessica and her travels, our Year 2 children have been keen to learn as many skills as possible on their quest to become ‘modern day explorers’ themselves. The children have been spotted around the school grounds reading maps (bird’s-eye view), using compasses and erecting tents. Mr Roberts and Mr Marsland have taught the children how to read compasses and how to erect tents and shelters successfully. These are all vital skills for future explorers.

As part of Humanities, the children have been identifying the seven continents and five major oceans. English lessons have been used to practice writing skills using their key text, ‘Where The Wild Things Are’. In PSHCE the children have been sharing special photos and objects from home with each other, focusing on the skills needed for group discussions such as turn-taking and listening to others thoughts and interests.

Showbie has been an important tool in Year 2’s Maths lessons. A variety of skills have been used such as the highlighter, text box and undo. The children have been making 100 by transferring their understanding of number bonds to 10.

In Forest School this week Mrs Redman has been helping the children build shelters, with a focus on team work.

It was good to see the children get hands-on in science with a lesson on floating and sinking. The children used a variety of objects and predicted whether they would float or sink before testing each one in a bowl of water. A very happy cohort of children left the science room armed with their very own ‘Pooh Sticks’.