King's St Alban's

31 January

Y3 assembly takes the school back to the 80s

This week King’s St Alban’s Year 3 took the school back to the 80s with a nostalgic assembly. Pupils shared their recent learning all about “the coolest decade ever”. It soon became clear that the 1980s will be remembered for many special reasons. Highlights included details about the first mobile phone: the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, which offered 30 mins of talk time, no internet or messages, all for £2,639! Children despaired at the thought of only having access to 4 television channels, even though they all agreed that the Wombles  and Bagpuss looked cute and cuddly. The more historical and political events were also covered and 3A enjoyed sharing their enthusiasm for space travel, the discovery of DNA, the Sony cassette Walkman and even the first disposable contact lenses.

Congratulations to 3A who inspired us to learn more about this pivotal decade – we were all very proud of their clear speaking voices and passion for performing. Finally, all the children were amused by a collection of staff photographs from the 1980s! It is safe to say that many of our teachers fully embraced everything the 1980s offered including the fashion and big hair!

During the assembly Mr Chapman asked everyone to reflect on what possible changes may happen over the coming decade as our children become young adults…what will this generation be remembered for…?

3A assembly take the school back to the 80s