King's St Alban's

27 September

Y3 Geography Field Trip

We had the perfect, sunny day for our visit to Pershore and Eckington, as part of our geography work on ‘Land Use’ and ‘Settlements’.

We started in Eckington where we studied the buildings, looking at what they are used for now and what they were used for in the past; the children loved being detectives and finding clues to the past from evidence left behind on the buildings and in the surrounding area.  We then carried out a traffic survey to see how many vehicles passed through the village, in 10 minutes.  The highlight of the day was standing on the footbridge over the railway and having the train hoot at us and the driver waving!

After refuelling and having a play on the park, we travelled to Pershore.  Again, we all looked at the buildings, finding evidence of what the buildings would have been used for many years ago and we then compared the land use and building use with that of Eckington.  Both the traffic survey and the number of buildings we saw confirmed that towns are, indeed, busier places than villages!

An educational, fun-filled day was had by all.​