King's St Alban's

24 September

Year 3 Locality Study: Worcester

Despite the rain on Wednesday, 3A managed to venture out in the morning to explore our locality, conduct a locality study and discover how the land and buildings surrounding King’s has changed over time.

We started by looking at a familiar site – the Pre-Prep building! The children looked at photographs that Mrs Atkinson had taken before the Pre-Prep building was built and they were fascinated to see what the land looked like before – there’s certainly no pub or car park there today!

We then walked to the King’s Boathouse and talked about the changes that had occurred there.  Next was the Worcester Porcelain factory and the children were shocked to see a photo of what it used to look like in the late 1800s, very different to how Severn Street looks today with no proper road, a horse drawn cart and most definitely no Keyes Building in sight!

The children continued their explorations and studied a picture of Sidbury taken in 1957.  They were amazed to see how the area had changed and that Bath Road was not where it is today (and no traffic lights!) although they recognised the Commandery, which looks the same.

Finally we wandered around to the Cathedral and stood on The Green, looking over to the Elgar Statue, where, again, we examined how the land and buildings have changed in a relatively short time period. We undertook a survey of traffic and decided that cities are definitely busier than villages!

It was great to have Miss Woodger along for the trip as she is full of interesting facts about the history of Worcester. She imparted her knowledge of how land and buildings have changed during her time here (definitely not as far back as the early 1900s!). An interesting and informative morning was had by all.