King's St Alban's

17 September

Year 3 Trip to Worcester Woods

We all had a great time at Worcester Woods.  When we arrived we had some much needed snacks to give us energy to venture into the woods. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring their surroundings, looking for all manner of creatures from squirrels to elves and fairies!  We spent some ‘quiet time’ to explore the environment and get in touch with nature and we closed our eyes and listened to the sounds around us.  We eventually found our way out of the woods (Mrs Atkinson took a few wrong turns, making our exploration even longer!) and had lunch to refuel.   After lunch we played some team building games, including ‘Stuck in the Mud’, ‘Simon Says’ and ‘What’s my message’.  We ended with ‘Sleeping Lions’ and Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Etherington eventually had to wake up a few children in time to go and have a final play on the park!  A fantastic day of fun, friendship and frolics was had by all.