King's Hawford

14 December

Year 3’s Pantomime Fun

A very excited Year 3 enjoyed a visit to the pantomime on Monday. Children and staff left school and travelled to Malvern Theatre to watch The Further Adventures of Peter Pan, The Return of Captain HookOn arrival the party were treated to a picnic lunch in the gardens ahead of the performance. Excitement was high as the children ate their lunch.

After finishing lunch the pupils took their seats and waited for the show to begin! The pantomime did not disappoint – it was jam packed full of musical numbers and dance routines. Children loved Mr Smee and his three hilarious pirate sidekicks. Captain Hook was brilliantly acted by Tom Lister and had everyone booing and hissing. The children were very animated and enjoyed any opportunity to join in!

A highlight for many of the children was Peter Pan ‘flying’ – it was definitely a big hit! The Year 3 pupils felt as though they had a special connection to Peter Pan as the character was played by Lloyd Warbey who is the cousin of one of our Year 3 children! He gave an impressive performance. Many children chose the cleverly choreographed acrobatic scene with the trampoline and the pirates on board the Jolly Roger as their highlight. It is safe to say that the whole performance was brilliant and left the children spell-bound.

In the interval Year 3 entertained the audience by singing a Christmas song to the other members of the circle audience and to the children’s delight everyone joined in! All of the children in Year 3 impressed their teachers and Mrs Phillips with their behaviour and were brilliant ambassadors for King’s Hawford.

On the journey back to school the children discussed the show with their peers and even managed a sing-song on the coach. A truly enjoyable experience and brilliant start to the final week of the Autumn Term.