King's Hawford

21 January

Year 4 Enter Dragons’ Den

This week during skills one Year 4 group had the opportunity to enter the Dragons’ Den to pitch their tech ideas to the Dragon, aka Mr Stigant! The pupils in the Tech Tips group were split into five groups and tasked with coming up with a tech concept that could be pitched to the Dragon. Once split up, the groups had 30 minutes to decided on their concept – it was brilliant to hear all of the early ideas flying around,  as they honed in on the one concept they believed to be the best! This definitely tested their tech skills.

In their groups they had to use their design skills to draw prototypes of their creation. The task also got the children using their teamwork skills. With only 30 minutes to come up with the concept, design and prep their pitch, it was vital that the groups worked well together and delegated work where necessary. When the time was up, the groups took it in turn to pitch their ideas to Mr Stigant, who happily sat in the Dragon’s chair. As part of their pitch the children had to decide how much investment they were looking for from the Dragon and what percentage of their concept they were willing to handover in return for investment.

All of the pitches were wonderful and it is clear from the pictures that all of the pupils (and Mr Stigant) thoroughly enjoyed the session. Three inventions in particular stood out for Mr Stigant:

Firstly, a hologram sloth that could be linked to Bluetooth, thereby allowing the owner to programme the sloth to talk to them if they were lonely. Secondly, a Chocolate vending clock! This one sounds too good to be true and Mr Stigant was very keen to invest! The clock could be programmed to dispense chocolate at set times throughout the day! Thirdly, a spy watch that came complete with an in build spying drone!

It is fascinating to gain an insight into the creative minds of Year 4. This task encouraged all of the children to use a wide variety of different skills; it is safe to say they all rose to the challenge and pitched eloquently. Mr Stigant was very impressed!