King's St Alban's

25 October

Year 5 Tudor House Visit

Year 5 really enjoyed their History trip to the Tudor House in Worcester on Tuesday. It was a super opportunity to explore a building which is right on our doorstep.  

The children took part in four activities:

1) Weaving on a full size loom. The children learnt about which cloth the Tudors would have used to weave on the loom (linen, wool and silk for the rich). They also learnt that the colour purple was reserved for kings and queens.

2) Playing  Tudor games. The children played various Tudor games like catch the ball in the cup, a version of Jacks using pig’s knuckles and Nine Mans Morris a game using a wooden board and stones.

3) Dressing up in Tudor costumes. Tudor dressing up was a favourite workshop for many children. All the children had an opportunity to wear the layers of clothing the poor and rich Tudors would have worn. They were very surprised to learn that the Tudors didn’t wear underwear as it hadn’t been invented!

4) Tudor furniture building. The last workshop was all about Tudor buildings and furniture. They all had a go at sitting upright on a Tudor bed because apparently the Tudors thought that if you lay down in bed the devil would take your soul!