King's St Alban's

24 May

Year 6 Carousel Week – Old Chapel

Year 6 have had a fabulous time at the Old Chapel over past three weeks. The weather was beautiful, which meant they could spend most of their time outdoors.

They arrived on Tuesday and after a quick lunch went for a walk along the valley towards the Hermitage (a now ruined prisoner of war camp from WW2). There were various stops along the way to admire the scenery and refuel with copious quantities of cake and biscuits!  The children were asked to stop and think about the many people who may have travelled along this route.  They wrote down various words and phrases which were later used as inspiration to write a poem about the pilgrims’ route and the ancient bridge which marks the end of this delightful walk.

The next day ‘The Survival Guys,’ Neil, Mark and Rhys joined the class to show the children how to build shelters in the woods and to talk to them about survival skills. The children learnt how to safely use tools to build shelters and how to then make them waterproof.  They also learned how to purify water from the stream and the art of lighting a fire and cooking simple food on it.  The Bannock Cakes (made from a flour and water dough which is wrapped around a stick, cooked on the fire and then filled with jam) were a firm favourite!  That night the children toasted marshmallows around the camp fire whilst singing at the top of their voices!  Afterwards, all those who wanted to sleep in their shelters made their way to bed whilst the others snuggled up in their tents for the night.

Another of the activities on offer during the week was to work as a team to get through a rope web without ringing the bells which were attached.  The children were also tasked with carrying an egg up a mountain and back without breaking it.   This proved not to be as easy as it sounds as only half of the eggs made it back in one piece!

On the last day the children took part in Forest School activities such as constructing forest furniture, making leaf and bark rubbings, painting and decorating a pebble, environmental art and making up a song or rap about the Old Chapel.

All of Year 6 were fantastic company, thoroughly eager to take part in all of the challenges. The staff noticed that the more the children worked together, the more they gelled as a team. After a busy and fulfilling week the children came back to school tired, a little dirty (!) and having had a truly wonderful time.

More photos can be found on the School's Facebook page