King's St Alban's

11 May

Year 6 delight in watersports day

On Monday, King’s St. Alban’s Year 6s threw themselves delightedly into their first outdoor activity visit for over a year: a watersports day at Aztec Adventure Upton Warren. In the morning, they kayaked and paddleboarded their way around the lake together, and while the kayaks proved a stable means of water transport, the paddleboards assuredly did not. Consequently, some spent a fair amount of time in, rather than on, the water. All were soon very soggy, but none were complaining, and through sustained efforts, all improved their technique during the session. It was such a pleasure to hear the shrieks of laughter echoing around the lake.

In the afternoon, the aqua park was the venue for more fun and games. The whole day was an absolute waterfest for the children. Even the weather refused to spoil the party, the few louring clouds generally shuffling off in other directions, leaving sunshine centre-stage. The children returned to school, from their watersports day, tired but very happy after a great day of messing about on the water.