King's St Alban's

12 December

Year 6 Drama Performance

Ably assisted by a well-rehearsed and graceful Dance Club, Drama Club performed the Nativity play, ‘Bethlehem’ in the John Moore Theatre this week. Elisheba, the landlady of the Bethlehem Inn, proved delighted when Three Wise Men booked into her accommodation, thus raising the tone of her hostelry while inflating her delusions of grandeur. Herod proved suitably villainous in his attempts to eliminate the ‘Boy Wonder’, baby Jesus. Meanwhile, the humble shepherds added significantly to the humour of the play, while reminding us that the Good News was meant for all, not just the rich and privileged.

The cast, from Angel to 4th sheep, revelled in the opportunity to dance and to act. Most actors took on more than one role, creating a number of headaches in the form of lightning-fast costume changes. Enthusiasm simmered away throughout the production. Lines were so well-known that not one single prompt had to be given! Well done to all for a very enjoyable show!