King's St Alban's

22 October

Year 6 learn about UK Parliament

On Thursday, Year 6 took part in a live Teams lesson, all about the UK Parliament.

During an interactive afternoon, the children discovered how to become an MP and how to lobby for the issues they are passionate about. They found out about the role of the House of Lords and considered the types of experts who would make good ‘Life Peers’. They were all surprised to learn that passing a new bill could take up to a year due to parliamentary ‘ping-pong’.

During a discussion about laws they would like introduced or changed, the children decided they would like the legal age for smoking and drinking to be raised (or smoking made illegal). They also thought plastic bags should be replaced with paper bags and there should be younger MPs to represent the younger generation. Palm oil products should also be made illegal in their opinion. The children enjoyed the thought provoking and informative afternoon, learning all about UK Parliament.

We’re committed to offering a curriculum which is exciting, stimulating, and covers a whole range of subjects and activities that fully equips children for when they leave school. Our pupils develop a love of learning, both individually and with others, and acquire a wide range of learning skills.