King's St Alban's

19 March

Y6 Science Presentation by Air Products PLC

Year 6 enjoyed an industry-based workshop last Friday, themed around the three states of matter in general, with the additional ingredient of liquid nitrogen in particular. One of our parents, Jabba Riaz of Air Products PLC, kindly laid on this very stimulating presentation. The children, it is safe to say, were fascinated.

Bouncy balls were temporarily transformed into bullet-hard ‘stones’ after a brief dip in liquid nitrogen, a bluetak ‘nail’ became as hard as a nail, and a banana a creditable hammer. The hammer was then used to beat the nail into a piece of wood, much to the children’s amazement.

An inflated balloon became first a small rag in the gloved hand of the demonstrator, only then to ‘re-inflate’ itself as the liquid inside changed back into a gas.

The highpoint was when the children got to experience the freezing of a flower and its scent. The smell was surprisingly strong!