King's St Alban's

18 April

Y2 Residential Trip to Malvern Elements 2018

In the last week of the spring term, Year Two spent two days engaged in a variety of outdoor activities.  For many, this was their first trip away from home but they all approached the adventure with open minds.

Having made up their beds, the first stop was getting kitted out in the famous ‘Teletubby’ suits, designed for all weather and activities; essential given the wet weather and muddy conditions. The first muddy encounter saw the children becoming ‘Malvern Warriors’ and braving the mud run – only one welly lost this year!

The next activities involved team work as the children had to navigate an obstacle blindfolded with only the guidance of their partner. This activity required great levels of trust. The children showed great resilience when they tackled the tunnel crawl – nobody could find the light switch and so all had to belly crawl through the twists and turns in complete darkness.

Having been hosed down, the children enjoyed a hearty supper which involved copious amounts of chips and beans and then spent the evening playing skittles, table top football and colouring before a hot chocolate, story and bed.

Rising early the children dressed, packed and breakfasted before making their own packed lunches.  The morning was spent in teams orienteering and guiding each other on the low ropes before a final dormitory inspection and certificate presentation.

The group worked well together, showing their Growth Mindset characteristics of resilience, perseverance, teamwork, flexibility and risk-taking, which form such an important part of our teaching and learning.