King's Hawford

18 November

Celebrating Success at King’s Hawford

Every Friday the school joins together for Celebration Assembly, this weekly assembly is an opportunity for pupils to have their hard work and achievements recognised.

This week the following pupils were awarded Head Teachers awards: Amelie B, Benjamin L, Rose G, Ayrton L, Edward S, Millie S, Millie P and Bella M. Well done all an excellent achievement! The following pupils were the top house point achievers in their relevant year group:

Year1: Eleanor N

Year 2: Daisy E

Year 3: Thomas C

Year 4: Robyn G

Year 5: Georgia P

Year 6 Isaac P

An astounding achievement well done all!

This week a large number of pupils have achieved their Activity Badges. Congratulations to the following pupils:

Anya R (MFL)

Isaac P (MFL)

Jack W (MFL)

Rose G (MFL)

Georgia P (MFL)

Isla HM (MFL)

Eden G (Art)

Georgia J (Maths)

Amelia M (Maths)

Charlotte B (Maths)

Nico S (Sport)

Bertie D (Sport)

Joe E (Sport)

Ben E (Sport)

Joe F (Sport)

Bertie G (Sport)

Eesa I (Sport)

Henry K (Sport)

Fletcher K (Sport)

Cameron K (Sport)

Will L (Sport)

Henry L-A (Sport)

Ned T (Sport)

Billy T (Sport)

Fabian W (Sport)

Florrie C (Music)

Cameron K (Music)

Charlotte B (P.E)

Bertie D (Drama)

Georgia J (Science)

The following were awarded their King’s Hawford badge: Amelia M, Eden G, Georgia K and Charlotte B. A fine achievement – well done all!

Pre-Prep Stars of the Week:

Well done to our Pre-Prep stars of the week.

This week Cassian, Sophia, Ellie M and Elise have all impressed their teachers with brilliant effort and attainment in English and maths!

In Year 2 Zara was congratulated for her super progress in reading. Austin was commended for his outstanding effort in maths lessons. Adelyn, Florence and Rosie were recognised for their excellent work in their English assessments. Indie was this week’s recipient of the Brilliant Manners award! Well done to all of our Year 2 Stars of the Week!