King's St Alban's

14 May

Celebration Assembly 14th May 2021

There was plenty to celebrate and applaud at this morning’s Celebration Assembly after another great week at King’s St Alban’s with lots going on around the school.


Well done to Daisy who earned a certificate for independence and focus and to Sofia who received a Superstar award for great determination in all she does.

Year 1

Well done to Cerys earned a certificate for fantastic independence in her reading comprehension work and to Henry, who received a Superstar award for such a great attitude in everything he does.  Nell received a mention for working so hard on her pirate poster and Aubrey was congratulated on his curiosity and pride in his work on underwater creatures.

Year 2

A certificate for a great attitude and increasing independence went to Isy while Madie earned a Superstar award for being ‘great all round!’  Ben was congratulated for taking pride in his joined up handwriting.

Year 3

Well done, Humphrey, for not being daunted by the ‘learning pit’ and for showing tremendous enthusiasm and determination to succeed and making pleasing progress in maths.

Year 4

Well done, Peter, on a fantastic news report.

Year 5

5L have been writing about Sycamore trees using personification and Mrs Lewis was extremely impressed with JM, George, Jack, Florence and Alice, who all made notes and then developed a super piece or writing.  In geography, the children were tasked to design a plant which could survive the conditions found in a rainforest.  Sebastian, Evie, Liv, Jessica, Sydney, Harry, Henry G and Olivia came up with some excellent ideas which took on board the criteria required superbly.  5P have been writing action stories about a boat in turmoil.  Eamon, Henry S, Mea, Aiden, Izzy, Ivy and Immie really took on board Mrs Pitts’ advice to improve the content of their writing, with fantastic results.  Well done to Mihika who has now completed her ‘book bingo’ card.

Year 6

6HM have been learning about WWII and produced informative leaflets about why food had to be rationed.  In art, Year 6 have been drawing self-portraits and then developing their work in to a Picasso style portrait.  Mrs Cain was especially impressed with the work from Anna, Henri, James L, Ed C, Chloe, Gracie, Emily and Lucy.   Mrs Beauchamp was very impressed with Katie during 6KB’s carousel week of computing.  Katie taught herself about key framing in Adobe premier pro and then helped other children to use the same technique.

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