King's St Alban's

18 September

Celebration Assembly 18.9.20

This week’s celebration assembly started with a big well done to all of Reception this week.  The children have only just got used to being at school and have had to quickly adapt to online learning at home.  Mrs Thorp and Mrs Hadfield are delighted with how well you have managed this and are very proud of you all.  Your House Point jar is full and as soon as you are back in school there will be a great treat for you all.

Year 1 have also shown great flexibility in adapting to the change in routine.  Mrs Chatterton was especially pleased with Kasvika for showing super focus and presenting her work beautifully and also Alban for his excellent reading.

Miss Chadwick was delighted with the way Year 2 embraced the sudden change in routine and wanted to thank them all in celebration assembly for being such a pleasure to teach.

3E have been looking at the use of adjectives and adverbs to make their writing more interesting and Tom, Monty and Oliver produced some really creative work.  The children have also begun the Rainbow Times Tables challenge and Reuben, Tom, Laura and Phoebe got full marks in their first test.  Well done!

In 3A, James, Shreya and Lily E have demonstrated super focus and attitude in all their lessons and Lily G continues to raise her hand to answer questions even if she is not totally sure.  Well done, Lily, for such a ‘have-a-go’ attitude to learning. Joel was congratulated on his listening skills, Shreya and Wilf showed great co-operation in paired English work and James has been a very kind and thoughtful classmate.

4R have been working on their handwriting this week and it was great to see Emily and Harry continue with this focus in their science lesson where they made very neat notes which will serve them well when they revise later in the year.

4J used number pyramids to test their addition skills, with particularly good work from Mortimer and Penny.

Mr Chapman enjoyed a Teams chat with Year 5 this week where he congratulated all the children on their resilience.  Mrs Pitts and Mrs Lewis send a huge ‘shout out’ to all their pupils for adapting to a full timetable of home working so calmly and impressively.

6DB impressed Mr Braithwaite with their creative writing this week, juggling skills and techniques to produce a successful story. Particular praise goes to Willoughby, Luca, Evie and Anna.  Year 6 maths has also got off to a great start and Gracie, James an Evie P were congratulated on their hard work and rigour.  Florence V and Jinc demonstrated great understanding of the journey of a river and produced neat and detailed work.

French has got off to a good start this term.  Mrs Kilbey commended Florence V on her excellent poster entitled ‘C’est moi!’  She looked up and applied new words to create an excellent picture of her hobbies and interests.  James L deserves special praise for making excellent progress.  He has not learned French before and has shown growing understanding throughout his lessons. Well done also to all of 6KB for being so supportive to James as he adjusts to life in England.

Well done to all the children (and Mrs Cain!) for embracing technology in art lessons. Year 2 have been designing knight’s shields, with excellent examples from Albert who used a variety of techniques to create different effects.  Year 3 looked at colour mixing with great work from Joel, Seb, Lottie, Tom, Phoebe and Laura.  Year 6 looked at how mathematical shapes can influence art.  Well done to Luca, Sophie and Gracie on some super work.

Finally, Mr Benham reported that Oliver A had his best games lesson ever this week and Mrs Clark congratulated Lottie F, Laura and Ana on their enthusiasm in Netball club.  Well done, all of you! Lots to be proud of as usual in this week’s celebration assembly.