King's Hawford

27 May

Celebration Assembly Summer Term Week 6

Mrs Phillips kicked off this week’s Celebration Assembly by talking to the pupils about our Queen, Elizabeth II and why we are celebrating the Platinum Jubilee. The children listened intently as Mrs Phillips gave them a summary of the events that lead to Queen Elizabeth being crowned Queen. She then spoke about the Queen’s impressive reign which has made her the longest serving British Royal.

Mrs Phillips commended all those who have visited her for HTAs this week. It has been another busy week and Mrs Phillips is relieved that she now has a good week to restock the basket!

This week’s top house point achievers have all been working their socks off and it was delight to be able to recognise their achievements in front of their peers. Well done to:

Alex V (Rec)

Alana (Y1)

Jasper (Y2)

Izadora (Y3)

Darcy (Y4)

Edith (Y5)

Liv (Y6)

Mrs Phillips praised Year 4 for their excellent entries in the Reading Competition. On Monday, avid reader, Mrs Knight had acted as judge in the final of the competition. Mrs Knight was really, really impressed with all of the finalists. Well done to winner Teddy and all the other finalists.

As the deadline for activity badges approaching Year 6 seem to be having a last minute push to complete the full set. Well done to all those who were awarded their badges in assembly today.

Our Reception pupils are also chasing their Activity Badges – Rupert and Noah have both now achieved their Phase 2 badges for Reception!

Well done to Charlotte, Cameron, Florence and Ayrton who competed at the IAPS Tennis Competition earlier in the week.

The audience were treated to a brief musical interlude with Dan singing Electricity from Billy Elliot. Dan charmed the audience and gave a fantastic performance.

 Next up Mrs Phillips was able to update the school on the House Point totals! Clent are developing a strong lead as we approach the final few weeks of the academic year.

The whole school also managed to raise the roof of The Barn with a very rousing rendition of this week’s hymn Everywhere Around Me.

Pre-Prep Praise Assembly

Our Pre-Prep children gathered together on the hard surface for a very sunny Praise Assembly this afternoon. Head of Pre-Prep, Mr Roberts, handed out super star and manners awards. Valerie in Year 2 has had a sterling week, whilst Reception pupil Braxton has impressed his teacher by being extremely helpful and having a brilliant week. Miss Lane has praised Indie for being an all-round superstar. Zara (Y2) was commended for her excellent joke telling during the Y2 Class Assembly and Mr Marsland praised Fred for his thoughtful questions on the school trip. Fern and Bruce in Year 1 were recognised for their excellent participation on the school trip to Conkers earlier in the week.

Finally James was praised by the gathered Pre-Prep teachers for being a brilliant child throughout his Pre-Prep journey. Well done James.

Manners awards were handed out to Daisy, Amelie and Noah. Well done all!